Squamish now has poop bags for park users and we have so many questions

Sep 13 2023, 11:55 pm

A new program is getting to the bottom of a crappy problem in one of BC’s most beautiful outdoor areas: human waste.

Turns out, outdoor users in Squamish have been using the Sea to Sky area as their personal toilet bowl, and it’s gotten so bad that one group is rolling out an unusual program to address it.

Squamish Access Society has placed bags for human waste at several popular climbing spots in the area as part of the Waste Alleviation and Gelling (WAG) bag program.

“This initiative will provide climbers with convenient waste disposal solutions, reducing human fecal contamination in our parks,” the group wrote on Facebook.

Poop bags

Squamish Access Society/Facebook

“These WAG bags are eco-friendly, containing super absorbent polymers and enzymes that safely contain and neutralize waste, minimizing odor. Plus, they come with toilet paper and hand sanitizer for your convenience,” it added.

If there are no garbage cans nearby, you bring your used bag out with you.

Adding, “Let’s keep Squamish beautiful!” and “#bagyourbrowntriangle.”

The group is seeking funding from BC Parks for the program and, if successful, plans to set up more stations in other areas in the future.

Is this a solution you can get behind? Let us know in the comments.

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