Vancouver restaurant says they're an "open target" to vandalism and theft

Jan 30 2022, 7:25 pm

An Italian restaurant in Vancouver has been kicked while it’s down after a recent major break-in following a string of vandalism.

Sprezzatura at 265 Kingsway in Vancouver told Daily Hive that after they were forced to close due to flooding, the restaurant has been easy pickings for crime.

Sprezzatura’s Michael Parker said that the restaurant’s been closed following a major flooding incident on December 16.

“So, we have not had the same presence at the restaurant. That has left us as an open target to vandalism and theft.”

Parker detailed the indignities that the restaurant has faced over the last six weeks, including having their exterior Christmas decorations stolen on Christmas morning.


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Their patio railing has been kicked in three times in the last week, too. But the biggest incident was a break-in and theft that happened around 5 am on Friday, January 28.

The thief broke in through the loading bay and started in the store rooms. They unpacked wine from boxes and loaded into laundry bags. Then, they broke through the kitchen doors.


Photos of the alleged thief – Sprezzatura/Supplied

“They then proceeded into our office to smashing up our safe and stole all our petty cash, staff tips and spare keys. They also got away with several iPads and two laptops,” said Parker.

“The fact that this happened while we are shut down from the flood meant that it had less of an impact than it might of otherwise, but it is just one more frustrating blow after so many over the past 22 months.”


A broken door and the remnants of the wall safe – Sprezzatura/Supplied

Daily Hive has reached out to VPD for more information and will update this story. Parker said that VPD arrived at the restaurant in the afternoon to look at the site and asked to see video footage.

“They were also hoping to find prints but the suspect was wearing gloves,” said Parker.

Now, Sprezzatura is planning a reopening with lots of new things ahead in late February. You can show your support and plan your night out by purchasing a gift card through their website.

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