People are losing it on social media over the Spotify outage

Mar 8 2022, 7:23 pm

With over one million tweets, people have lots to say about the fact that they can’t log in to their Spotify accounts.

There’s been a mixture of sadness, frustration, and downright rage, but some people are taking the outage in stride.

There have also been lots of funny reactions.

Spotify hasn’t publicly revealed what the issue is yet, but its @SpotifyCares Twitter account has been replying to user reports.

One thing the reactions reveal is just how attached people are to the streaming service.

It has also revealed that some people actually still use MP3 players apparently.

We hope this tweet is a joke:


The good news is that some users are actually reporting that they’ve been able to log back in, so hopefully, you’ll be listening to your favourite true-crime podcast again in no time at all.

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