Luxury sports car narrowly avoids crashing into Abbotsford residence (VIDEO)

Mar 23 2022, 12:37 am

Abbotsford Police are looking for help in identifying the driver of a sports car which narrowly avoided disaster this past weekend.

The incident took place on March 19 at around 7:20 pm, and a surveillance video caught the drama on tape.

The video shows a black sports car rounding the corner of a residential street in Abbotsford as it starts to swerve out of control. The front of the car crosses over the sidewalk making it onto the lawn of a residential property before the driver hits the brakes, reverses, and continues on their way.

It isn’t clear how fast the car was going, but the video seems to indicate that they were well above the limit for a neighbourhood street like this one. Fortunately there were no pedestrians walking on the sidewalk at the time, otherwise they would have potentially been directly in the path of the vehicle.

There’s no visible license plate in the video that police could have potentially run to identify the driver, making the job for investigators slightly more challenging.

Abbotsford Police say that the “dangerous driving” incident took place on the 2600 block of Sunnyside Street.

While no details have been divulged about the potential make or model of the car, some users have commented on the video shared by AbbyPD on Twitter suggesting it might be a Lamborghini Huracan.

If that was the case, according to Lamborghini Vancouver a 2017 Huracan would cost a buyer approximately $274,000 plus applicable taxes.

Anyone who may have information related to the incident is being asked to contact the Abbotsford Police Department quoting file 22-11301.

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