Canadian cannabis grower completes 2021 planting season with 70,000 plants

Aug 10 2021, 1:00 pm

Canadian cannabis farmers SpeakEasy is ready to make history again.

The BC-based cannabis grower recently announced the completion of the 2021 planting season with a total of 70,000 plants. This brings Speakeasy one step closer to its goal of increasing last year’s historical harvest by 100 percent to 140,000 KG.

“There’s no such thing as a ‘normal grow season’,” said Speakeasy Founder Mark Green in an interview with Daily Hive.

“June 2020 was the coolest, wettest season on record while June 2021 was the hottest and driest. The extremely high temperatures had a dramatic effect on many agricultural crops in Western Canada this year, but thankfully cannabis is a heat-loving plant. Given enough water, they thrive in very warm weather.

“We were able to collect a lot of data from the 2020 harvest and in 2021 we’ve optimized every aspect to ensure maximum yield and efficiency.  Overall the plants look great and we are looking forward to a large healthy harvest this fall.”

SpeakEasy’s 2020 harvest totalled 72,000 kg with a crop achieving flower potency of 15-18 percent THC and with a cost of about 4 cents a gram.

SpeakEasy maximized the 2021 planting season by following a number of key steps. The cannabis grower used more mature clones that are further in the growing process and also increased the plant density per square foot. 

The company also expanded its vegging facilities’ preparation space by 1,128 percent to 43,000 square feet. This allows for additional offspring to be created in a shorter period of time, which allows more plants to be in the ground. 

Speakeasy was also able to begin its 2021 planting season right on schedule. In 2020, the cannabis grower was forced to begin planting late due to Health Canada delays.

“Our goal from day one was focusing on what the consumer wants,” said Green. “We didn’t follow the formula of being the biggest producer in terms of square footage or output. Many companies suffered after legalization because they got too big too fast and they didn’t focus on consumer demand.

“Now, SpeakEasy has one of, if not, the lowest cost of cultivation of $0.04 per gram from our outdoor field. This allows us to enter the market and competitively price a majority of our products while maintaining significant margins.”

While Speakeasy has been hard at work planting this year’s crops, the company has also been busy preparing last year’s harvest of 72,000 KG of cannabis for market.

“Our amended sales licence for cannabis extracts is on the way. This licence will allow us to participate in the rapidly-growing extracts market,” explained Green.”We’ve received our retail sales licence for Alberta and Saskatchewan and we’re days away from receiving our provincial sales licence for BC. Once that is approved we will be launching two brands for dried flower and concentrates.

“After this harvest, we will be focusing on expanding our craft cannabis space to keep up with the current demand for premium flower. Once completed, this space will represent over 26,600 square feet of additional licenced production and processing area.”

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