Vancouver company's sparkling cannabis beverages hits store shelves this summer

Jun 16 2021, 10:05 am

A Vancouver cannabis start-up is using its proprietary technology to create a new line of sparkling cannabis beverages hitting store shelves across Canada this summer.

HYTN is a craft-inspired cannabis company with headquarters in Vancouver and a purpose-built production facility in Kelowna. According to CEO Elliot McKerr, though the company was founded two years ago when cannabis was legalized for recreational use in Canada, their work began long before.

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As a group of entrepreneurs passionate about beverages and edibles, we wanted to bring a more consistent and approachable cannabis experience to the market,” said McKerr in an interview with Daily Hive. “We had been working for over 10 years on beverage formulations and when the opportunity came up to develop a cannabis product that could substitute for beverage alcohol we jumped at it.”

HYTN’s initial lineup of sparkling cannabis beverages includes Watermelon Mint, Blood Orange, Rosewater Lemonade, and Lemongrass Ginger. Each is made with the company’s Elevation Technology.

HYTN uses our proprietary Elevation Technology to deliver rapid onset, predictable peak and offset of effects” explained McKerr. “We wanted to create products that were easy to understand, easy to consume and approachable to anyone that wants to experience cannabis.

“All of our beverages are sugar-free, gluten-free and all-natural, while our all-natural edibles are low in sugars and taste amazing. Users can expect to feel an effect in the first 7 to 15 minutes with a peak effect normally occurring within half an hour.”

HYTN (Submitted)

HYTN’s Leadership Team also includes COO Jason Broome and Director of Product Formulation Ryan Reed. Broome explains that each person’s background contributes to the success of the growing company.

“I bring the Cannabis experience to the table, Elliot the beverage and Ryan the flavours,” said Broome.I have spent more than two decades working in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health services and cannabis in a variety of executive level roles. My operational expertise in terms of building and running companies in highly regulated environments is the fundamental asset that I bring to HYTN.”

According to Broome, HYTN has secured national distribution for their initial product launch in August.

“Most provincial and private retailers will be stocking our initial four product offerings,” Broome said. “Our goal is to have the HYTN brand nationally recognized as the destination for all Cannabis 2.0 product offerings.”

McKerr is also excited to have Canadians try HYTN products.

“If you’re an experienced cannabis user, HYTN provides a novel experience and delivers rapid effects. If you’re new to cannabis, the sparkling cannabis beverages provide a more measured and predictable experience that allows you to start low and go slow to tailor your experience. Plus, all of our products taste amazing.”

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