Here's how much that 21-year-old dozing Tesla driver was fined

Oct 19 2021, 6:07 pm

After a video of a Metro Vancouver Tesla driver apparently dozing at the wheel on the Trans Canada Highway went viral, RCMP said it has found and ticketed the individual.

Constable Kelly McIntyre from North Vancouver RCMP said that the 21-year-old driver was contacted by police and came into the detachment.

“She was served with a BC MVA violation ticket for Driving without Due Care and Attention,” said Constable McIntyre.

“It’s a $368 ticket and 6 points. Like all violation tickets, she does have the option to dispute the ticket in court.”

North Vancouver RCMP said there are two very important things that they want people to know about following this incident.

“No matter what car you drive or what features it has, you are required by law to pay attention,” said RCMP.

“And, if you see a driver that appears to not be awake behind the wheel of a moving car, call 911 as soon as it’s safe to do so.”

The video shows a driver of a Tesla apparently dozing in the front seat of their vehicle while going northbound on the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, a busy connecting route that’s part of the highway system.


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According to Instagram user @barneee750, who submitted the video to Daily Hive, it was taken on Thursday, October 14 around 3:45 pm.

“It was shocking at first. I had to look a couple times to make sure their eyes were actually closed,” they said.

“I started videoing just in case something happened. I considered maybe they were having a medical incident, but I remembered Teslas have safety features in place that will stop the car if the driver loses consciousness. In order for her to be out and the car still driving, they must have done something to override that system,” they said.

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