These are the most expensive SkipTheDishes orders from every province

Nov 23 2022, 7:57 pm

We’ve all been there: so ravenous while making an online food delivery order that you start adding one of everything to your basket, resulting in an astronomically large bill.

You’re almost tempted to go through with it, but reason and the understanding of the phrase “eyes bigger than your stomach” keeps you from hitting “complete order.”

According to some data collection conducted by SkipTheDishes, occasionally, those big orders actually do go through, with some surprising order choices.

As part of the online food order platform’s 10th anniversary, SkipTheDishes put together a list of the most expensive orders in each province over the last decade.

From thousands of dollars worth of chicken wings and chicken alfredo to an order of Dom Perignon, Canada has expensive taste.

While Ontario had the most expensive order out of all of the provinces included, Manitoba had maybe the most unhinged of them all, with a whopping $3500 worth of rigatoni – that’sa some expensive pasta, ayy!

The complete list of orders and their cost from each province is as follows:

  • Ontario: A $4,000 order of chicken wings and chicken alfredo.
  • Alberta: A $900 order of Dom Perignon.
  • BC: A $778 order of fancy tequila.
  • Manitoba: A $3,500 order of rigatoni.
  • New Brunswick: A $600 order consisting of lamb curry, garlic naan, chicken tikka, lamb vindaloo, samosas, and more.
  • Newfoundland: A $684 order consisting of an assortment of pizzas.
  • Nova Scotia: A $700 order of mozza sticks, potato skins, chicken wings, nachos, ribs, and burgers.
  • PEI: A $280 order of fajitas, quesadillas, philly cheese paninis and tuna melts.
  • Quebec: A $1,000 order.
  • Saskatchewan: An $800 order of brisket po boy sandwiches.
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