Canucks fans are shotgunning beer every time Virtanen scores a goal this season (VIDEOS)

Oct 5 2018, 12:51 am

A new Canucks tradition was born on Wednesday.

Following a bold prediction this summer by TSN 1040’s Jason Brough, he and co-host Mike Halford vowed to do something different to celebrate every goal scored by Jake Virtanen this season.

Brough predicted 20 goals from the pride of Abbotsford – double the 22-year-old Virtanen’s career high.

Most radio show hosts would have left it at that, but Halford and Brough are not most radio hosts.

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The artists formerly known as the “Kurtenblog” are putting their livers where their mouths are, shotgunning a can of beer for every goal Virtanen scores on the march to 20. They’re calling it “Shotgun Jake.”

Virtanen did his part on Wednesday, kicking off ‘Shotgun Jake’ in style with a beautiful breakaway goal in the Canucks’ 5-2 win over the Calgary Flames on opening night.

Cue Halford and Brough:

Canucks Nation joined in, with fans posting their own Shotgun Jake videos to Twitter:

This guy even slammed a $16 beer at Rogers Arena:

And the videos just kept coming and coming…

…and coming…

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