Canadian politician roasted for tweet of wife shovelling snow after hospital shift

Jan 10 2022, 4:03 pm

A Manitoba cabinet minister has gone viral over a tweet about his wife, and the internet is having a field day.

Jon Reyes, the minister of economic development and jobs, tweeted a photo of his wife, Cynthia, shovelling snow in frigid Winnipeg temperatures after a 12-hour hospital shift.

“Even after a 12-hour night shift at the hospital last night, my wife still has the energy to shovel the driveway,” Reyes tweeted on Saturday. “God bless her and all our frontliners. Time to make her some breakfast.”

A Twitter account that appears to be Cynthia Reyes retweeted the post, saying, “All I wanted to do was shovel!” However, this is the account’s only tweet.

Reyes was trending on Twitter over the weekend with his post garnering thousands of retweets and replies roasting him for being unhelpful and insensitive.

One user tweeted a photo of what each of their hands might look like.

Another predicted what kind of breakfast Jon was making for Cynthia.

Others are showing solidarity for Cynthia.

A former Alberta politician swears that not every political husband is like this.

And lastly, a parody account @wifejon was created.

The cabinet minister responded to the international attention in a statement to Daily Hive.

“My wife is amazing, both at home and at work. I’m eternally grateful for her and everything she does. I love her very much,” he said. “I’m happy that she is getting the worldwide recognition she deserves, and it serves as a reminder to everyone — especially me today — that we can never do enough to show our gratitude to healthcare workers.”

Reyes tweets hard, but the internet tweets harder.

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