Grumpy cats: These 12 senior pets in BC need a helping paw to be adoptable

Apr 29 2022, 7:27 pm

You’d be grump too if you were full of fleas like these 12 rescued cats!

According to the BC SCPA, a dozen 16-year-old Himalayan cats were brought to its Sea to Sky location after an overwhelmed owner lost their house.

The cats were in rough shape. Their flea-ridden fur was severely matted. They had ear mites, skin infections, broken and missing teeth, and low body weight.



Sea to Sky BC SPCA manager Krista Larson said in a release that some of the cats were very emaciated. “Some will have to have tooth extractions and all of them need dental cleaning for heavy tartar.”

Next, the cats will need to have senior blood panels done to see if they are healthy enough to be sedated for dental surgery and more potential treatments.

“They were definitely grumpy cats when they came in because of their various issues,” says Larson. “We have seen a huge improvement in their temperament since they have been getting adequate amounts of food and medical attention.”



Even though they might look a touch on the grumpy side, Larson says all the cats are sweet.

“They love to get chin rubs and butt scratches. Even the shyest will melt into your hand when they are given love,” said Larson.

Their medical expenses are adding up, though, and the BC SPCA is asking for the public to help support the senior cats.

“It’s going to be a long road to recovery for this group, with many trips to the vet,” wrote the BC SPCA. “With your help their long fur will shine again and every one will have the opportunity to live out their golden years in a loving home.”

BC SPCA rep Debra Walley told Daily Hive that once the cats have finished their treatment, they will be available for adoption. You can watch the Sea to Sky branch website to see when they will be ready to join your family.

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