"Pretty upset": Sad swimmers react to scheduling changes at Second Beach Pool

Jun 7 2023, 5:24 pm

The morning lane swims at Second Beach Pool in Stanley Park have been axed as Kitsilano Pool reopens. However, some West End residents question the rationale behind the resource allocation.

The Vancouver Park Board said the morning session at Second Beach Pool was always meant to be a short-term measure.

“Second Beach Pool was only open in the morning temporarily to help early swimmers catch a dip while Kits Pool was awaiting final repairs,” the Park Board said in a tweet explaining the re-scheduling.

Some Vancouverites are not convinced by the explanation, saying a morning dip at Stanley Park quickly became the greatest joy of living in the West End.

A permanent morning swim at Second Beach Pool seems unlikely in the near future. The Park Board suggested in an email reply to Daily Hive early swims at Second Beach Pool were typically quieter.

“In past years, Second Beach Pool has not typically been open for morning sessions as New Brighton and Kits Pool are. This is partially due to the historical demand for pool time at these hours and its proximity to Kits Pool, which can allow for more early morning swimmers than Second Beach Pool.”

What do you think of the Park Board’s decision? Should more resources be allocated for morning swims at Second Beach? Let us know in the comments.

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