Here's where you can see salmon spawning near Vancouver this season (MAP)

Oct 3 2022, 8:05 pm

Did you know you can watch salmon run near Vancouver? There are plenty of streams nearby that are filled with fish making their way back to where their lives started, and you can watch the final stages of their journey this season.

Pacific salmon are born in freshwater rivers, and then they go live in the ocean. They spend years eating and getting bigger before they return to the same stream they came from to reproduce and then die.

You can watch salmon run from September through December around Vancouver, and the Pacific Salmon Foundation has created an interactive map where you can spot them spawning.

salmon map

Pacific Salmon Foundation

“Metro Vancouver is entering the salmon return season, with the North Shore already seeing returns,” said the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) in a release.

On the map, there is a ton of information on how to get the best views of the salmon while taking care of the sensitive fish habitats. From Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley to Vancouver Island and more, you can see salmon all over BC.

Close to Vancouver, there are lots of options, including at Maplewood Farm on the North Shore and the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway in Burnaby.

PSF President and CEO Michael Meneer said in a release that “the opportunity to observe the journey and life cycle of Pacific salmon is nothing short of spectacular.”

“Seeing salmon in our own communities emboldens us to take action and do everything in our power to take care of this iconic species. We can come together as People for Salmon to make a difference,” he said.

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