Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win is back

Feb 2 2017, 1:22 am

Can you hear that?

It’s the collective sound of Canadians gearing up for an annual coffee tradition. Throwing taste caution to the wind, millions of people across the country will try their luck at the good ‘ol coffee game.

That’s right, Roll Up The Rim To Win is back this month at Tim Hortons – and there’s nothing that gets us more excited than gambling while highly caffeinated. Roll Up The Rim (also known as Tim Hortons’ employees least favourite month of the year) is currently underway at locations across Canada.

That means for the next month it’s time to forgo pour-overs and Americanos in the name of potential swag.

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The big items waiting for victors in 2017 are the usual roundup of TVs, prepaid credit cards, and cars.

Canadians can thumb-pump to win one of the 40 2017 Honda Civic Coup EX-Ts, 150 55-inch LG 4K UHD Smart TVs, 100 $5,000 CIBC prepaid cards, 24,000 $100 TimCards, and millions of food and drink freebies up for grabs. If you uncover a drink you can choose any size hot beverage, and doughnut winners can choose any single muffin, cookie, or doughnut.

Since your chances of winning a crueller are somewhat better than last week, you should definitely go and try your odds.

But keep in mind, when you see “WIN” on your salivated cup rim you need to claim your merch before May 4, 2017. Be sure to read the fine print – because if you don’t have the accompanying pin number, you could be out of luck and simply left with the murky aftertaste of a double-double in your mouth.

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