Tim Hortons to start serving premium lattes and espresso based drinks

Dec 14 2016, 10:49 pm

Tim Hortons is a national treasure to some.

To others, it’s a last resort when on a road trip, or say, when your local indie cafe is co-opted as a film set for a day (can you tell I’m not satisfied with this swill I’m drinking today?)

There’s good news for coffee snobs like myself (and others in the Daily Hive office.) Next year, Tim’s coffee is set to get big upgrade.

Already being piloted in Vancouver and London, Ontario, premium lattes and espresso based drinks are expected to roll out on menus across the country in 2017.
For franchisees, the new espresso machines will be costly. Parent company Restaurant Brands International has informed Tim Hortons franchisees that they’ll need to purchase a $12,000 replacement for their existing machines, but ultimately the new hot bevies could be quite lucrative.

Lattes and espresso based drinks are expected to cost a few dollars more than the standard cup of joe.

But who are we kidding? Go on. Just take our money.

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