Rogers and Fido customers unable to call 911 in BC

Jul 8 2022, 4:10 pm

As a major telecommunications outage impacts people and businesses across the country, E-Comm is warning that Rogers and Fido customers cannot call 911.

Around 2 am Friday, E-Comm says it started receiving reports of the outage.

“At this time customers with either carrier are not able to use their phones to make any calls; including to 911. Please note that the 911 system is not compromised and remains fully functional. At this time the outage impacts Rogers and Fido customers only,” reads the release.

E-Comm is asking people without access to a working phone and in need of emergency services to find alternative ways of contacting 911.

“This includes using a landline or wireless device serviced by a different carrier, going to a neighbour’s house, using phones at nearby businesses or community centres, or heading to the closest fire department for assistance. We also ask that people refrain from making test calls to 911. It is imperative we keep the lines open for emergency calls only.”

Rogers customers have been reporting connection issues in areas in Ontario and BC. Many are experiencing problems with the internet, phone, alarm monitoring services, and even debit and credit services.

Amanda WawrykAmanda Wawryk

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