Bring on the memes: Twitter instantly trolls Canada-wide Rogers outage

Jul 8 2022, 2:08 pm

It seems like plenty of Canadians will be starting off Friday with a digital snow day of sorts, courtesy of the nationwide Rogers outage.

As early as 5 am ET on Friday, Rogers customers began reporting connection issues in areas including the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, and Metro Vancouver.

Thousands of Canadians are experiencing problems with the internet, phone, alarm monitoring services, and even debit and credit card payments.

The massive telecommunications company has yet to issue a formal statement regarding the outage (probably because, you know, no internet), but an online outage map on Roger’s website shows how widespread the disruptions are.

As is par for the course in today’s world, if a major corporation causes an outage, make fun of it on Twitter.

We feel bad for all you Rogers customers, here’s hoping you can steal your neighbour’s Wi-Fi and enjoy some jokes at the telecommunication company’s expense.

The “have you tried unplugging the router” joke is frequent, very appropriate, and bountiful. Kudos, internet. (And kudos, Koodo, for, you know, working.)

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