Rise Sports: New BC Lions QB Mike Reilly tells his story and sings In the Shallows

Mar 8 2019, 7:42 am

Mike Reilly of the BC Lions joined me in-studio to talk about how his love for the game was born, grew and turned him into a champion. Yes, I took the interview in a different direction later on, but first and foremost, this is a story about Mike Reilly – the man.

After speaking with him for just a few minutes, you can tell that this isn’t your typical all-star athlete. This is a just regular Joe who just so happens to be incredible at football. He knows the game, he talks the game, but he doesn’t rub it in your face. This is why Mike Reilly is going to be so successful in this town.

It’s not all about what you can do on the field, it’s also about how you perform with the fans and the media. This guy is a seasoned pro and is a real people person. He’s a personality. Something that this town desperately needs more of on the sports scene especially. He also doesn’t back down from a challenge. Case and point, check out our rendition of ‘In the Shallows’ below.

Reilly already had a tremendous legacy built with a Most Outstanding Player award and a Grey Cup to his name and now to top it off, he’s a BC Lion for years to come. I’m grading the Leos offseason with an A. Maybe even an A+ based on his acquisition alone.

The guy is an absolute gem!

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The goal of this show is to help young athletes and sports fans keep mentally and physically primed to help grow and take their careers to the next level. We thank Mike Reilly for his time and hope you’ll join us next week for another featured athlete’s Rise story.

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