The Rise: What Theo Fleury had to overcome to become a Stanley Cup champion

Jan 28 2019, 5:04 am

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Theoren Fleury had to live a nightmare to live his dreams of becoming a Stanley Cup champion, World Junior and Olympic gold medallist, and NHL All-Star. He opened up about his story with the hosts of Rise Sports.

As an undersized forward, a lot of scouts seemed to try their hardest to look the other way on Theo making the bigs. He had to earn his ticket to the top and when he arrived on the scene in the NHL, it took him 18 months to win almost every major trophy hockey has to offer. His rise to the bigs though took some very unfortunate turns along the way.

In fact, the traumatic events that he had to endure drove him into silence for years. Since he’s been able to chat about his story though, he has made it his mission to help those around him persevere through their own challenges.

Theo’s mantra is “helping is healing” and on this week’s podcast, he chronicled the struggles that he had to overcome and how he’s turned them into some of the greatest triumphs of his life.

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The goal of this show is to help young athletes and sports fans keep mentally and physically primed to help grow their careers to the highest level. We thank Theoren Fleury for his time this week. Meanwhile, up next, we chat with Michael Landsberg (podcast only) on Wednesday before sitting down with Steve Nash next Monday.

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