Ridiculous rentals: Pay $1,200 a month plus you get to work as a housekeeper (PHOTOS)

Jun 13 2022, 9:42 pm

While there’s no shortage of ridiculous rentals in Vancouver, a listing in West Dunbar that’s searching for a housekeeper might take the top spot for absurdity.

For $1,200 a month you get to live in a fully furnished 800 sq ft suite near UBC with a washer and dryer in the unit.

Sounds pretty good right? Well, here’s the catch; you’re expected to work for 15 hours a week as a housekeeper doing cleaning, laundry, dog walking, groceries and meal prep.

The unit itself is quite nice and seems to be fairly spacious.

Vancouver craigslist

The listing suggests that the tenant who fulfills the housekeeping obligations would get a significant discount on rent, but Daily Hive has confirmed that $1,200 is the full amount with the “discount” included.

vancouver rental housekeeper

In-suite laundry where you’d potentially wash your landlord’s clothes. (Vancouver craigslist)

There’s also no compensation for the successful applicant.

vancouver housekeeper rental

Where you will potentially meal prep for your landlord (Vancouver craigslist)

Taking all of that into consideration, if the housekeeper was being compensated and working for the minimum wage in BC ($15.65), technically they’d be owed $939 a month. Instead, they get a phantom discount. The listing doesn’t indicate what the non-discounted rent is.

Vancouver craigslist

Based on a quick Google search, live-in housekeeping services are typically in exchange for free room and board.

How does that saying go? You can have your cake and eat it too? In this case you don’t get to have your cake or eat it.

The sad reality that this listing highlights is that there is probably someone out there who would be willing to take this “deal” in Vancouver due to how it compares in price to other rentals.

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