Shared bathroom?! Depressingly tiny Vancouver rental going for $1,600 (PHOTOS)

Jun 7 2022, 10:14 pm

Sifting through the limited number of rentals in major cities like Vancouver can be discouraging, but one particularly outrageous listing caught our eye.

A “micro suite” has been listed on Craigslist for $1,600 a month, and the listing is shocking, especially considering some of the alternative rentals available in Vancouver.

The listing is handled by Plan A Real Estate Services which does not seem to have a great reputation based on online reviews.

The listing states that the potential renter “can have confidence in this property” thanks to being managed by Plan A.

Pros and cons

First, some of the pros in regards to this rental.

It’s located at 1517 Comox Street, which is a short walk away from English Bay Beach. The unit is also pet-friendly and only has a one-month lease. It also includes internet and furniture, although the listing states that the furniture pictured might not be what the renter gets.

The home the rental is located in is also quite nice.

vancouver rental

Vancouver craigslist

That’s where the pros end.


Vancouver craigslist

The first con is the size: 180 sq ft. For $1,600 you can find many listings that offer much more space for less, even in Vancouver.

While the unit’s ad states it’s a micro suite, it’s even smaller than some professional micro suites you may find online in an apartment environment. This unit is located inside of a house, and while there are no details about how the unit was created, it doesn’t seem like it was always meant to be a rental unit, but perhaps another kind of room converted into a rental space.

Vancouver craigslist

There are also technically no bedrooms as the unit is set up sort of like a mini studio.

Vancouver craigslist

Shared bathroom

Is it asking too much that for $1,600 you get your own bathroom? When it comes to this unit, the answer is yes. The listing states that the bathroom is shared.

The furnished “bedroom” seems to only be able to accommodate a twin or double-sized bed.

There also doesn’t seem to be a lot in the way of windows. Pictures indicate there’s one window over the kitchen sink.

Plan A has listed other micro suites in the same building that are just as small for the same price.

The listing has also made its way onto TikTok with the hashtag #ReadyForHell.

@samantha.e.thomps Things arenā€™t going well here #ReadyForHell #vancouver #rentfree ā™¬ original sound – samantha.e.thompson


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