Nearly 81% of Canadians would seek new job if told to return to office full time

Oct 12 2022, 4:38 pm

A new survey has found that 80.8% of Canadian workers would start looking for a new job if their current employer requires them to return to the office full time.

Financial technology company Hardbacon released a report on Tuesday after studying how Canadians feel about transitioning back to going to the office every day.

As pandemic restrictions loosen, more employers are requiring workers to either come back or work in a hybrid environment. Hardbacon found that Canadians would want an average salary increase of 26.93% as financial compensation for having to come into the office. Even with that, they’ll still be keeping an eye on other job listings.

The demand for a salary increase does not seem out of place, as Canada’s inflation rate currently stands at 7% — that’s without the cost of food and gas.

“The national average for gas in Canada is $1.75/litre. A year ago it was $1.41/litre,” Hardbacon notes. “From April 2021 to April 2022, the cost of food rose 9.7%. Workers at any job cannot ignore the cost increases in those two sectors.” Rents and mortgage rates are climbing, too, changing employees’ priorities.


Worse yet is the situation for women in the Canadian workforce.

On average, women’s desired salary increase was 25.42%, while their daily out-of-pocket work-related expenses are about $24 a day. Meanwhile, men wanted a 28.97% pay bump, estimating that they spend about $28 per day in the same.

return to office

Taking paid vacation into account, Hardbacon calculated how much this expense comes down to annually. On average, a worker may be spending $6,670 annually out of pocket due to their return to the office.

For a double-income household, this amounts to a whopping $13,520 per year. That number is in the range of the annual budget for a family of four in the country.

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