Vancouver restaurants to see Roaring 20s-style revival, insider predicts

Jun 4 2021, 3:47 pm

It’s been a majorly rocky road for restaurants in Vancouver over the last year and a half.

With the ups and downs of the pandemic came the abrupt start and stops for some establishments and their employees.

And while there are still some kinks to work out, restaurants in the city might be on the verge of a boom like we haven’t seen in 100 years, according to one insider.

Sylvia Potvin, president & owner of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, told Daily Hive that she feels optimistic about the future.

“I do believe that now with higher vaccination rates, the industry is on the road to recovery,” she said.


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“People are tired of cooking at home or eating food out of a box. They long to be with their friends and family in the convivial atmosphere of the many amazing restaurants we are fortunate enough to have in this city,” she added.

Potvin frequently consults with industry professionals, including some of the city’s top chefs.

“I’ve been out to a few restaurants this past week to support our friends in the business and many have asked me if we have students or alumni for them,” she said.

For Potvin, the restart plan has led to a great deal of excitement.

“We’re excited about the latest re-opening as we can welcome our customers back for in-person dining at our airy and spacious, marina-side Blue Hat Bakery-Café with its views to the city. We can run our cooking and wine certification programs again. And, our international students will be able to return and contribute to the diversity of our classrooms.”


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She alluded to a resurgence like we haven’t seen in over a century. “If the Spanish Flu of 1918 is any indication, we are expecting to enter a period similar to the Roaring 20’s which will be great for our industry.”

It remains to be seen if that will pan out, but one thing that Potvin suggested is certain, “If people are like me, they’re also probably tired of doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen!”

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