105-year-old $17.8 million Shaughnessy mansion listed as renovation project

Oct 31 2017, 2:09 am

The housing market in Vancouver is nuts, we all know that.

And every once in a while, a story comes along to remind us just how wacky it really is.

Case in point: A 105-year-old mansion in Vancouver’s (extremely) pricey Shaughnessy neighbourhood.

Of course, we’re used to homes in that neighbourhood being in the multi-million-dollar range, but it’s the language being used to sell this particular home that caught our eye.

Yes, for those of you that have a cool $17.8 million burning a hole in your pocket, this home could be the perfect property to…. renovate??

Yes, renovate.

REMAX agent Jeff Benna lists this as a “great opportunity to own and renovate this precious Victorian styled architectural mansion in Vancouver’s most exclusive and private area.”

Now, personally, if we drop $17.8 million on a home, we’d like it to be the finished product.

But you know, maybe they’re on to something here.

After all, the Selkirk Avenue home only has seven bedrooms. Why not eight?

And if it’s only been around for 105 years, then it’s important to make sure the home is truly able to stand the test of time.

And really, Victorian style? That’s so early 20th century.

Now that we think about it , this is the perfect renovation property.

Hey, the least you could do is put in a sweet pool.

Jeff Bena / REMAX

(Jeff Benna / REMAX)


(Jeff Benna / REMAX)

(Jeff Benna / REMAX)

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