BC tech company gets new name, $4M in funding

Jul 12 2021, 6:41 pm

Vancouver-based tech company XenCALL has just rebranded to ReadyMode and secured $4 million from Scotiabank’s Technology & Innovation Banking arm, positioning itself among the industry’s fastest-growing players.

The tech company offers a cloud-based platform to help enterprise call centres perform better. Its core product is a predictive dialer that boasts industry-leading dialing speeds, designed to connect agents with leads faster.

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ReadyMode CEO Jason Jantz

ReadyMode CEO Jason Jantz

CEO and entrepreneur Jason Jantz has spent his whole career in the contact centre industry. Before ReadyMode, he started and ran a business in Vancouver that provided contact centre services to small and medium-sized companies. ReadyMode was founded in 2014, born out of a desire to address a problem with existing communication software providers.

The name change from XenCALL to ReadyMode signals the start of a new era for the startup as it evolves into an industry leader and transforms how organizations start sales conversations. The term “ready mode” is used to indicate when a call centre agent is ready to receive the next call.

ReadyMode explained to Daily Hive by email that the decision to leave the XenCALL name behind wasn’t taken lightly: “We had to weigh the pros and cons of abandoning a well-known brand, come up with a completely new identity, and coordinate with all relevant stakeholders. Timing was incredibly important, too, but we pulled it off smoothly and are ready to enter the next phase of our journey.”

ReadyMode also discussed how the tech company obtained funding during the COVID-19 pandemic: “We realized lenders certainly had an appetite for cloud software providers that thrive in any environment, including pandemics. Communication software specifically saw significant cloud adoption accelerated, as offices closed up and voice and video took over as default channels.”

The funding that ReadyMode received from Scotiabank will be used to scale up operations. Before the end of the year, the company plans to hire 40 more employees, pushing the total headcount over 100. And ReadyMode’s five-year plan is to solidify their status as the market leader for enterprise contact centres aiming to boost their agent productivity.

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