"Barf": Horrifying rat-filled alleyway caught on camera in Vancouver (VIDEO)

Apr 11 2023, 12:29 am

A video of more than a dozen rats in a Vancouver alleyway has been posted online, and it has led to some pretty grossed-out reactions from those who watch it.

The video captioned, “I crashed a rat party” was uploaded to TikTok by userĀ masonburnsmusic and has over 98-thousand views as of Monday evening.Ā 

In the 13-second clip, rats are seen running amidst trash on the ground, out from under garbage bins, and from the sides of the building.Ā Ā 

Technically, a group of rats is called a mischief, but from the looks of these rodents in the video they aren’t really up to anything too mischievous, just unsanitary.

The TikTok user that filmed the rats told Daily Hive they spotted the rodents when walking by anĀ alley near Columbia and Hastings streets.

It seems like many agree that it’s pretty gross, with one person responding, “Reason number 7652 not to go to van[couver].”

@masonburnsmusic i crashed a rat party šŸ€ #rats #dtes ā™¬ Rat Salad – Jazz Sabbath

One person added,Ā “The rats run this city,” and they are not completely wrong.Ā 

Vancouver is the second “rattiest” city in Canada in the 2022 rankings byĀ Orkin Canada, a pest control company.

While Toronto topped the list last in 2022, Vancouver held the first spot forĀ five years in a row.

Others in the video commented that the video was so gross they are ready to move.Ā 

“I’m good in Edmonton lol,” one person said — which would actually be a great move if you have a musophobia (fear of rats).Ā 

In Alberta, you are practically guaranteed not to spot a rat.

In fact, a rat population hasn’t been a thing in the province since the 1950s, so a long, long time.

While there were lots of rat haters in the comments, not everyone is disgusted.

There were those who admitted they would “pocket one” and others obviously could not pass on making jokes themed around the Disney animated movie Ratatouille.

“I’d bet one at least one of those is an aspiring chef,” one person said.Ā 

“They’re making a delicious dish,” another person commented.Ā 

With files from Claire Fenton and Laine Mitchell

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