Pronto Cafe on Cambie Street to close soon for redevelopment

Feb 6 2018, 7:54 pm

Another one bites the dust.

Pronto Cafe, a popular Italian eatery at 3473 Cambie Street, will be closing its doors likely by the first week of March, according to a recent Facebook post from the restaurant.

This includes the closure of Prontino – a wine and cocktail bar that opened in 2014 in the building as an expansion of the business.

The restaurant operators say the new owners of the 1938-built property have decided to demolish the art-deco-themed building for a redevelopment.

“We count ourselves fortunate to have been able to host so many wonderful guests over the past many years. Guests from right here in the neighbourhood, guests from other parts of Vancouver and the lower mainland, and quite frankly guests from around the globe,” reads the post.

It has been our privilege to provide a place for friends and families to gather and enjoy a casual meal, or to celebrate a special occasion or simply just to have a bite or a drink in a friendly – we like to think comfy – environment.”

But they are not calling it quits, as the operators of Pronto Cafe are planning to open a new replacement restaurant called “Centro” at 1037 Denman Street – occupying the former space of Hub Restaurant – in downtown Vancouver’s West End. An opening date has not been set.

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