Prinkle Chicken: New KFC brand opens several Vancouver locations

Apr 19 2023, 12:42 am

Vancouver has clearly got an insatiable taste for Korean fried chicken, as you can hardly turn a corner without walking into a spot with KFC on its menu these days ā€“ a fact that we’re certainly not complaining about.

The newest brand to make its mark on Vancouver is called Prinkle Chicken, which has just opened three new locations across the city, with a fourth to come.

Prinkle Chicken tells Dished that at the end of March, all three of its new spots debuted in different neighbourhoods around Vancouver: at 8550 Granville Street, 6530 Fraser Street, and at 108-2800 E 1st Avenue.

The restaurant’s signature offering is its Prinkle seasoning, which we’re told tastes like a combination of “Korean sweet corn chips” with onion and garlic. Other fried chicken varieties include padak padak, yangyeom, super spicy buldak, and cheese snow, to name a few.

Prinkle Chicken

Prinkle Fries | Courtesy Prinkle Chicken

Prinkle Chicken

Buldak Chicken | Courtesy Prinkle Chicken

This spot is also popular for its sides, which include cheese balls, tteokbokki, and Prinkle fries.

Prinkle Chicken is also set to open an additional location at 6441 Victoria Drive, but we’re told that this spot is still waiting on appropriate building permits and renovations to take place, so it likely won’t open until late spring or early summer.

You’ll find all three of Prinkle’s current locations open from 11 am to 10 pm.

Prinkle Chicken

Address: 8550 Granville Street, Vancouver

Address: 6530 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Address: 108-2800 E 1st Avenue, Vancouver

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