Porsche slams into trees, narrowly avoiding Yaletown pedestrian (PHOTOS)

May 11 2023, 8:09 pm

A woman in Yaletown is shaken after she narrowly avoided what could have been a tragic collision.

Around 12:30 pm Thursday, a Porsche travelling westbound on Pacific Boulevard and near Drake Street was allegedly cut off by another vehicle, causing the vehicle to cross into the opposite lane onto a traffic island.

Multiple trees were knocked down before the car came to a full stop.

Marsha told Daily Hive she was waiting on the median strip when she heard a screech and saw the Porsche driving towards her.

“The car was, like, almost at me,” she said. “So I jumped in the street, and I was very lucky.”

Claire Fenton/Daily Hive

She added that there were no other oncoming cars, so she was able to walk away safely.

Daily Hive has reached out to Vancouver Police.

Nikitha MartinsNikitha Martins

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