Violence erupts between police and large crowd in Downtown Eastside

Aug 9 2022, 10:39 pm


Vancouver Police said in a statement that several of its officers were assaulted in the Downtown Eastside.

The assault followed the arrest of a man that was “causing a disturbance at the Carnegie Centre.”

“Officers were called by Carnegie Centre staff just before 3 p.m., who reported a man throwing computers and behaving erratically. As officers were taking him into custody, the man resisted arrest and fought with police. A large crowd gathered, and became hostile and combative with the officers.”

The statement adds that several officers were assaulted and multiple arrests were made.

“VPD officers were in the area at the request of the City of Vancouver to stand by and keep the peace while City workers conducted their information campaign into the tent and structure removal on Hastings Street.”

Original story:

Just hours after the City of Vancouver said that it would begin removing structures in the Downtown Eastside, police formed an imposing phalanx at the intersection of Main and Hastings.

Images from traffic cameras show officers lined up in a shoulder-to-shoulder formation, blocking the flow of traffic with their bodies and their vehicles.

Someone called whatever was happening a police siege.

Another user told Daily Hive that there were non-stop police sirens heading into the Downtown Eastside.


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