An overnight fire at the PNE consumed vehicles, equipment (VIDEOS)

Feb 20 2022, 5:40 pm

Don’t worry, everyone and the roller coaster is safe following a fire at the PNE on Sunday, February 20.

According to a statement from the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), a fire broke out at the Technical Works Yard on the PNE grounds at Hastings Park.

This part of the PNE holds office space, trad workshops, and storage for vehicles, equipment, and supplies. It’s also where some PNE memorabilia is being stored.

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services reportedly responded and put out the fire. Losses from the blaze include various equipment, vehicles, tools, and supplies – thankfully, there were no injuries. There were no injuries.

The PNE thanked firefighters in a statement, saying “it was due to their quick work that the fire was contained to only one of the buildings and significant damage and losses were prevented.”

“We are grateful that there were no injuries as a result of this incident, and the quick work of our Vancouver city fire crews prevented much larger losses.”

The fire will have no impact on any scheduled events at the PNE grounds. Now, an investigation to find out what caused the fire is underway.

Vancouver Police announced they’re investigating the “suspicious” fire that caused thousands of dollars in damage.

According to police, “VPD officers were patrolling East Vancouver shortly after midnight when they discovered a building in flames on the west side of Hastings Park.”

“The officers alerted Vancouver Fire Rescue Services, which contained the fire. There are no apparent injuries, however, approximately 20 vehicles were damaged.”

Now, VFRS and detectives from VPD’s Major Crime Section are working together to collect evidence and investigate.

Vancouver’s Mayor Kennedy Stewart chimed in on Twitter, saying the PNE has his “full support in rebuilding.”

If you’ve grown up going to the PlayLand and looking forward to the PNE each summer, then you’ll be glad to know that the fire was well contained, preserving the majority of the grounds.

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