This Canadian thrift store offers affordable plus-sizes online

Jul 5 2021, 11:57 am

The LGBTQ+ Business Spotlight is a collaboration between Pride Vancouver and Daily Hive. Together, we’re turning the spotlight onto local businesses, organizations, and individuals who are supporting the Pride community.

It’s Pride Month soon and this Black, Queer, and Trans owned business is dedicated to supporting the plus-size community by making thrifted clothing more accessible.

Based in Edmonton, Chubby Fem Thrift offers plus-sizes online that are sustainable, affordable, and fashionable.

The shop is owned by London Blackwood, who is studying psychology to become a therapist, and their partner Spencer Gnida, an artist that focuses on themes like body positivity, queer/trans culture, and self-acceptance.


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Besides their thrifted items (sizes L-5x), their small business makes shirts in their original Chubby Fem Thrift designs (sizes S-5X).

Their “Self Love Club” T-Shirt design is one of their most popular custom pieces.

They also sell stickers and other body-positive art which can be found on the website.

You can grab any of their items through local pickup, local delivery, or international shipping — costing regular Canada post prices.


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Inspiration for their business started when they found it difficult to access thrift shop plus-sizes in Edmonton. They wanted to choose sustainable, and affordable clothing they could wear every day.

“Affordable and sustainable clothing should be available to all sizes,” said Blackwood.

Additionally, during the pandemic, they watched a YouTube video about a US-based thrift shop offering plus-sizes. The video gave the duo the push they needed to start Chubby Fem Thrift.

“I thought, ‘I wish we had that here,’ so we made one,” said Blackwood.

Since their business started during COVID, they have mainly existed online ever. However, they are excited to operate without pandemic restrictions soon and do more face-to-face interactions.

Blackwood said the dream is to eventually open up a shop, but they are not at that stage yet.

They also use socials such as Facebook and Instagram to interact with customers and handle sales through their website. In fact, they have been able to build relationships and a community with their followers online.

Blackwood said the generosity of the plus-size community in Edmonton and abroad has been overwhelming.


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As they support all sizes, styles and genders, Pride Month is important to them and their small business.

“Pride month is about remembering our ancestors and how they struggled and fought for the freedoms we have today,” said Blackwood.

They encourage other fellow entrepreneurs wanting to start businesses supporting plus-size, BIPOC and LGBTQAI2S+ and other communities to pursue their goals.

“Our community is strong and will have your back. So, if you got an idea, run with it,” they said.

“As a fat, black, non-binary person starting Chubby Fem Thrift has given me the opportunity to give back to all the communities I represent – collaborating with other LGBT-owned businesses, sharing queer art, and promoting black-owned businesses in our city.”

The best way to stay updated with Chubby Fem Thrift and their sales is to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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