Playland is hiring for over 200 jobs that pay above minimum wage

Mar 27 2023, 4:57 pm

It’s that time of year when the opening day for Playland at the PNE is around the corner and the park is looking for new recruits and hiring for over 200 jobs.

Playland officially opens in June, and the application deadline is April 16.

Playland is hiring for various jobs, including roles in games, rides, guest experience, maintenance, and food and beverage.

According to Playland, over 2,800 seasonal employees are employed at The Fair and Fright Nights, Vancouver’s iconic theme park for Playland.

This year, Playland says it has a specific need for people who can work weekdays in June, which includes a wide range of positions with immediate openings.

Playland seeks a “diverse group of positive, energetic people who enjoy working in a fun, safe, and challenging environment with flexible hours.”

On the note of pay, wages start at $17.60 and above. However, base wages begin at $16 per hour, including 10% additional pay in lieu of vacation and other benefits, resulting in the $17.60 figure.

Working at Playland also includes some pretty cool perks.

Employees get discounts on passes to Playland, The Fair and Fright Nights, and even for PNE food stands.

Considering how hectic parking at Playland can get, employees can rest assured that they get free parking.

Check out the complete list of jobs, including descriptions and pay.

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