Pallet Coffee reveals plans for huge Vancouver roastery and kitchen

Jan 3 2019, 12:38 am

Vancouver’s reputation as a modern coffee hub has been solidified over the past few years with a ton of stellar local roasters and cafes opening, and it seems 2019 is going to take the scene to a whole new level.

More and more local spots are upping the ante, opening roasteries and expanding both the beverage and food options they can offer caffeine aficionados, and one of those brands is Pallet Coffee Roasters.

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Pallet already operates a roastery and cafe (323 Semlin Drive) along with three other cafes in Kitsilano, Oak Street, and Kingsway, but it recently revealed plans for a huge new official headquarters.

Pallet HQ will be located at 395 Alexander Street, in a 7,000-sq-ft space in Vancouver’s Railtown.

The new hub will provide a space for Pallet’s training and roastery operations to grow, with a bigger production area and an extended menu of elevated offerings and services.


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Alyssa Rugg, Pallet’s Operations Manager, eluded to some unique concepts coming up for the Alexander Street outpost.

“With a couple members of our management team, including myself, being from NZ and Australia, we, of course, can’t help but take some influence from the amazing approach to food and the service culture they have there. We want to intertwine that with the equally great North American style here,” said Rugg.

The new space in Railtown will means changes for the brand’s Semlin location too (currently Pallet’s head office), the roastery will be coming out and more seating will be going in along with a commissary space allowing more aspects of production to be done in-house.

“Our coffee offerings will continue to be similar to what people have come to know from Pallet, but we also have several other really cool new things in the works that will be launched there once we are open [on Alexander Street],” said Rugg.

The tentative opening time for this location is April/May, but we will keep you posted as things progress and an official date is revealed.

Pallet Coffee Roasters HQ

Address: 395 Alexander Street, Vancouver

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