Here are the best new Vancouver coffee shops of 2018

Dec 21 2018, 1:56 am

Now that 2018 has come and (almost) gone, we figured it’s the perfect time to remind you to check out some coffee shops that have opened up throughout the year – the best of the best, or the crème de la crème, as some would say.

If you’re a coffee lover and you haven’t hit these spots up yet, we urge you to take this list, check it twice, and indulge in way too much caffeine and baked goods at these seven spots. 

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These are the best new Vancouver coffee shops of 2018.

Small Victory – South Granville


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The new shop by this Yaletown favourite has the Vancouver coffee scene in a buzz. A massive space, with a full coffee bar as well as a full pastry and dessert bar to serve you whatever your heart desires. This shop is definitely worth a look as it’s stunning and a nice addition to the neighbourhood. 

Address: 3070 Granville Street, Vancouver

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Prado Cafe


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While the Prado group of cafes have been around for ages, this new shop is set to be another game changer for Gastown. Coming late to the 2018 year, this shop will be serving up your typical Prado favourites while giving that Gastown vibe we know and love.

Address: 131 Water Street, Vancouver

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Serving their own roasts, this shop opened earlier this year and its name has been growing in the coffee community. Not only do they find delicious roasts to serve, but they are always testing out new and different methods of brewing that you just have to try, like their Japanese cold brew.

Address: 112 W Broadway, Vancouver

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The Starbucks Reserve Bar – CF Pacific Centre

Starbucks Reserve Bar

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The largest reserve bar in Canada, this shop definitely is worth heading over and trying out. But do yourself a favor and get something off their reserve menu that you can’t get anywhere else, like a Nitro Cold Brew Float, their Affogato with cinnamon on top, or if you’re hungry get yourself a chorizo mac & cheese and just live your best life.

Address: 700 W Pender Street, Vancouver


Pallet Coffee Roasters


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For those of you that don’t know of Pallet Coffee Roasters (no idea how that’s even possible), they have won numerous awards for their coffee, so it stands to reason that their new location would be serving some award-winning coffee. A great spot for a quick bite, a tasty cup of coffee, and a great environment to bring friends and just hang out.

Address: W 22nd and Oak Street

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Their There

Their There

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This sister cafe to culinary gem AnnaLena is not only serving pristine coffee from Heart Roasters but the food is simply to die for. If you do nothing else for the rest of the year and just stop by Their There, then you can consider your year an accomplishment. Well worth a visit… and go with an empty stomach, you won’t regret it.

Address: 2042 West 4 Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-4052


The Garden


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It’s as if a forest and a coffee shop combined. Not only is the spot aesthetically pleasing, to say the least, but their coffee is on another level. Serving up Agro Coffee Roasters, you can be sure your experience here is one of a kind.

Address: 868 E Hastings Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-255-2299

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Our Town Cafe


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When you first walk in this newly-reopened spot you are engulfed with the modern design, but then you will get engulfed with the smell of delicious coffee. Before you head off to any Main Street adventures, this is a must for a first stop.

Address: 245 E Broadway, Vancouver

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