Olympic drip: Team Canada show off their Lululemon outfits on TikTok (VIDEOS)

Feb 3 2022, 10:14 pm

Team Canada is killing the fashion game at the Olympics right now.

Canadian competitors are in Beijing ready to win gold, not only with their athleticism, but also with their outfits. Many of the athletes are posting fit checks on TikTok, showing off their Lululemon hauls.

The Vancouver-based athletic wear brand unveiled the Olympic collection in October after being named Canada’s new official outfitter for the next four Olympics in September.

The outfits have a lot of people suddenly wanting to be an Olympian.

“Okay team Canada will be the drippiest team there is,” one person commented.

Team Canada ice dancer Piper Gilles showed the versatility of the collection in a try-on video. The TikTok shows the outfits she created with each of the pieces.

“@TeamCanada x @lululemon = perfection,” the caption reads.

@pipergilles @Team Canada x @lululemon = perfection #olympicspirit #olympictiktok #beijing2022 #fyp #olympics ♬ original sound – Justin wyss

Canadian freestyle skier Justine Dufour-Lapointe was equally excited about her outfits.

@justinedufourlapointe Mine is outfit number 5 💁🏼‍♀️ #Beijing2022 #Outfit #Olympics #TeamCanada ♬ Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Rod Stewart

If you’re wondering how many free Lululemon pieces the athletes received, Team Canada hockey player Sarah Nurse gave the answer in a very extensive and envious haul.

@sarahnurse Reply to @danielle.baryliuk #TeamCanada got hooked up for the #Olympics ♬ original sound – Sarah Nurse

Canadian freestyle skiers Elena Gaskell, Olivia Asselin and Megan Oldham compared their chic outfits to the … not as exciting outfits of other nations. In the TikTok, the teammates jokingly compare their Lululemon fits to that of German freestyle skier Alia Heichinger’s outfit.

“This is a joke, I promise,” Gaskell wrote in the caption.

@elenagaskell This is a joke I promise. #fyp #olympics #lululemon #trend ♬ So Many ppl have use this sound omg – 💞Love y’all 💞

The comparisons don’t stop there. TikTok user Paul Twa made a video pitting Team Canada’s Olympic kit against the US.

“Something about the official uniforms always gets my Canadian heart on fire,” the caption reads.

Have a watch and decide for yourself which you’d rather wear.

@paultwa All in good fun 😂 Something about the official uniforms always gets my Canadian heart on fire 🇨🇦 #beijing2022 #olympicuniform #teamcanada ♬ original sound – Brandon_Stimaker

Luckily, those of us who aren’t in Beijing can still feel like we’re part of the team. The collection is available at Lululemon stores for non-Olympians.

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