You might be able to see the northern lights in Vancouver tonight

May 11 2023, 11:26 pm

If you missed your last chance to see the northern lights in Vancouver, you might get another shot tonight.

Many people were able to catch them in Vancouver in late March, with significant cloud cover in the sky.

With clear skies expected tonight, if you can escape the light pollution, you might have a strong chance of seeing the brilliant light display in Vancouver skies.

The potentially good news comes from The Weather Network and NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

According to The Weather Network, there’s a strong chance of catching the lights in Vancouver, thanks to a rare “reverse sunspot.”

vancouver northern lights

The Weather Network

The Weather Network states, “Auroras from a G2 geomagnetic storm typically extend far enough south to be visible along the northern horizon for anyone located about halfway between the green and yellow lines on the above map. During a G3 geomagnetic storm, this pushes down as far as the yellow line, potentially producing aurora displays visible across almost all of Canada.”

And based on The Weather Network’s reporting, it does sound like there’s potential for a G3 tonight.

While skies are expected to be clear tonight, ideal viewing conditions include a location with minimal light pollution.

Tonight is expected to offer the most substantial potential to see the northern lights in Vancouver as this solar storm passes through.

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