There's a petition for Nickelback to replace U2 in Canada Day performance

Jun 27 2017, 10:52 pm

In an impromptu battle of the bands, an Edmonton radio station has launched a petition urging a substitution in Ottawa’s Canada Day line-up.

#theLOCKERROOM, a podcast for Edmonton’s 95.7 CRUZ FM, is hoping to gather the electronic signatures necessary to oust U2 from performing at the celebration, and replace them with Canada’s own Nickelback.

“[We] believe that it should be a Canadian band playing, not some drunk annoying Irish people. That’s why we’ve started this petition to replace U2 with Nickelback,” the posting read.

The petition was started at 8 am Pacific Time today, and at the time of publication has since gathered a massive 31 signatures.

Yes, you read that right, 31!

And to be honest we’re surprised they’ve found that many people across Canada who want to listen to Kroeger and co., but we digress.

Jake Hammell, a resident of Edmonton and signer of the petition, explained his reasoning in a comment.

“I hate both bands, but I hate U2 more and Nickelback needs the gig since Chad split with Avril,” he wrote.

It is unclear if Nickelback will abandon their already scheduled show at Jones Beach Theatre in New York if the petition does reach its goal, and whether or not U2 would step aside once prompted.

If Nickelback is asked to play, surely those who signed the petition hope that “no” is just a thought that never crosses the band’s mind.

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