Neverland: An Immersive Peter Pan Inspired Bar experience

May 12 2022, 6:14 pm

The immersive bar experience has been a popular concept in Vancouver as of late.

The most recent installment is Neverland: An Immersive Peter Pan Inspired Bar experience, brought to us by the same folks who organized The Alice and Wizard’s Den pop-ups.

For the immersive cocktail events, a secret location – in this case, the Vancouver Alpen Club at 4875 Victoria Drive – is fully transformed into the world of the classic tale.

We got to check out the Neverland pop-up before it opens today, and here’s what we thought.

neverland pop-up

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When you first enter the space, you’re immediately transported to the Lost Boys’ hangout. There’s a space that looks like the Lost Lagoon, a corner set up as the Jolly Roger ship, and other pirate-inspired decor throughout, like skeletons and piles of treasure.

Guests are offered a drink to start – your choice of wine, peach ale, or creamsicle beer – while a Peter Pan character invites all the guests to be part of the Lost Boys club.

Don’t come here expecting just a drinking experience – it’s as much a theatrical, performance-based experience as it is an immersive cocktail bar.

neverland pop-up

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There’s a Hook character, complete with the long red coat and big curly wig, as well as a couple of pirates who lead you through the two-hour experience.

In order to get your second drink of the evening, you must play three carnival-inspired games which, once completed, will get you one doubloon – three of them gets you a cocktail.

The games include shooting a bow and arrow at a map (don’t worry, they’re suction cup children’s toys so no one’s getting hurt here), throwing a bean bag at stacked barrels to knock them down, and tossing gold rings at a wall of hooks.

neverland pop-up

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This part of the evening does take a while – with so many guests and a somewhat small space, it was tough to have your go at the games, which means you’re waiting a bit for that second drink, something that likely would have helped with accuracy.

The second cocktail is a rum, coconut, orange concoction served in a skull-shaped glass with dry ice to give the effect of it being served on a very spooky pirate ship – a fun touch that definitely added to the immersive quality of the evening.

neverland pop-up

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There’s a couple more games involved, including singing some sea shanties (yes, get ready to sing) and a hunt for little vials of “magic potion” to help Tinkerbell come back to life. The experience is structured by a narrative that loosely follows the classic tale, with Tinkerbell – who’s been kept hostage in a Mason jar by Captain Hook – eventually getting back her magic while we, the guests and honourary Lost Boys, mix cocktail potions and chant “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.”

The little vial of purple “potion” is one part of the final cocktail. We’re given a coup glass of lemony mix, which you then pour the purple potion into, resulting in a magical, shimmery drink that is also the strongest of the evening.

neverland pop-up

Daily Hive

The Neverland experience is for the adult who, like the Lost Boys themselves, wishes they didn’t have to grow up. It’s a fun way to revisit a childhood classic, and definitely feels like an adult, boozy kind of Disneyland.

It was a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience – one that is best enjoyed with friends – where the more you get into it, the more fun you’ll have.

The Neverland: An Immersive Peter Pan Inspired Bar experience runs until June 26!


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Neverland: An Immersive Peter Pan Inspired Bar

When: now until June 26
Where: The Vancouver Alpen Club (Deutsches Haus), 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Tickets: $45 per person

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