Popular Vancouver radio host shares health scare that kept him off air for weeks (VIDEO)

Mar 18 2022, 5:33 pm

Drew Savage from the “Nat and Drew Show” on Move 103.5 has returned to the airwaves after dealing with a health scare.

On Thursday morning, Drew returned to the show after being off for several weeks and explained to listeners what happened.

“I haven’t been on vacation. It’s nothing COVID-related as to why I have been away. But I was in hospital.”

Savage says late last month, out of nowhere, he began to experience chest pain and ended up having to have a heart procedure.

He said he experienced a chest pain while out for a run on Super Bowl Sunday, but didn’t think much of it. He exercised a few more times that week and the same thing happened.

“During two of those workouts, no chest pains. But on two of the other workouts, there were chest pains.”

After it happened the second time, his wife who told him to go to the doctor.

He went to Richmond General Hospital and they ordered a Stress Test. About a week after that, he felt something off in his chest.

“And then later, my arm went numb. And that was scary.”

He says it was his right arm, but he wanted to take precautions and he went back to the hospital.

That’s when he wound up staying for a week. He was transferred to Vancouver General Hospital and doctors ended up finding a 90% blockage in his right artery.

They ended up doing an angiogram and inserting a stent.

Savage spend some time thanking the doctors, nurses, paramedics and everyone else who helped him during this time.

He told listeners he is feeling healthier than ever.

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