Motorcyclist caught using paper licence plate for the second time in months: RCMP

Oct 5 2020, 6:26 pm

A motorcyclist was issued a hefty fine after driving around with a paper licence plate — and it isn’t the first time they’ve been caught, either.

Last Thursday, the Burnaby RCMP tweeted that a motorcyclist had been found using a licence plate made out of paper. The driver was pulled over around the Brentwood area when a frontline officer wanted a closer look at the vehicle.

“Our Frontline officer was not fooled and took a closer look,” writes the Burnaby RCMP on Twitter.

Police say that the bike was seized, along with the plate, and that charges for the driver are pending. RCMP adds that it’s the second time that this person had been caught with a fake licence plate.

In mid-August, the same motorist was issued a $983 fine for attempting to pull off the same stunt.

paper licence plate

The same motorcyclist was caught in mid-August for using paper licence plates. (Burnaby RCMP / Twitter)

When they were caught in August, in addition to having the vehicle impounded, they received a fine that included violations for not having a licence, insurance, or a proper licence plate.

ā€œThis is quite possibly the most expensive paper plate of all time,ā€ police said at the time.

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