Moose on the loose breaks through school window in Saskatchewan

Nov 4 2021, 9:20 pm

A moose in Saskatchewan has bewildered the internet after breaking through a school window and walking through a classroom.

The moose smashed its way into Sylvia Fedoruk school in Saskatoon Thursday, and luckily no students were hurt, according to local radio host Pat Dubois.

“What a morning,” he wrote on Twitter.

Dubois said the person who took the photo doesn’t want their name used.

He added another photo of the moose lying on the floor, saying the animal may have been hurt by the glass shards.

Saskatoon police said conservation officers were able to get ahold of the massive creature and take it somewhere safer.

“With nature at our doorsteps, students received an unexpected visitor this morning when a moose came tumbling into the school,” the force said in a tweet.

Luckily, police joked, the moose avoided a stop at the principal’s office.

People who saw the photos on Twitter reacted with equal parts humour and incredulity. One onlooker from Germany questioned why the moose would want to enter the school in the first place.

“Hello, I’m from Germany. Please tell me: what’s the motivation for a moose to run into a class room? Through a window? A cow for example would never do this (only during a stampede).”

“Every day of school for the rest of your life is a letdown after the one where a moose bursts in through the window,” Natalie Morrill tweeted.

Sammy Hudes took an opportunity to poke fun at life in small cities.

Music producer Aqqalu pointed out that moose have been on the land much longer than schools.

“The moose just wants to learn and this is how they are treated smh,” another user said.

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