Moon Milk Creamery is Vancouver's new small-batch ice cream brand

Sep 30 2020, 7:37 pm

Moon Milk Creamery is Vancouver’s newest vegan ice cream brand and its small-batch, handcrafted pints aim to take treat lovers over the moon.

The newly launched startup now offers dairy-free ice cream pints for weekly delivery in Vancouver and Richmond.

While the team searches for a commissary kitchen, customers currently have a choice between three debut flavours. These varieties were inspired by Moon Milk’s three co-founders’ history being raised as children of immigrants in Vancouver.

Childhood friends Lisa, Joyce, and Phoenix tell Daily Hive that Moon Milk’s cashew milk-based flavours are “a blend of East and West,” incorporating ingredients such as ginger tea, matcha, strawberry milk, and peanut butter, to name a few.

The trio reconnected when they returned home to Vancouver amid the pandemic and launched the brand with the goal of creating “something positive during a negative time with an inclusive and welcoming brand message.”

“These flavours are a representation of our best childhood memories that are bonded with the treats that came with it. Whether it was playing in the sun during a hot summer day and cooling down with a gigantic scoop of ice cream or coming home to an after school snack of strawberries and cream,” says the Moon Milk team. 

“Our motivation is sourced from wanting to bring nostalgic childhood memories into our adulthood during stressful times, despite any dietary restrictions.”

So let’s get to the important stuff — the flavours.

You can opt for Citrus Ginger Snap, Strawberry Fields (strawberry base and soft matcha cookie dough chunks), and $ugar Daddy (rich chocolate with sweet and savoury nut crumble) at the moment. 

Moon Milk Creamery

Courtesy Moon Milk Creamery

As the brand is just starting out, the team is looking for the right local partners to source ingredients from moving forward.

“We’re committed to creating a more sustainable supply chain and operation.”

As for a storefront, that’s definitely a goal for the Moon Milk Creamery team in the future. Right now, the brand is looking to prioritize quality and development before expanding into retail.

If you’d like to try this dairy-free ice cream for yourself, you can order online now for delivery or opt to pick it up yourself if you’re out of the delivery range.

Moon Milk Creamery

Courtesy Moon Milk Creamery

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