Montreal Expos legend Vladimir Guerrero elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Jan 24 2018, 11:27 pm

The Montreal Expos moved to Washington in 2004, but they’re still making news today.

On Wednesday, Expos legend Vladimir Guerrero was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

In his second year on the ballot, Guerrero received 392 votes (92.9 per cent).

Guerrero played seven full seasons in Montreal, averaging 33 home runs, 100 RBIs, and 173 hits per season with the Expos. In 2002, he came within a home run of reaching the 40/40 mark in homers and stolen bases.

The right fielder from the Dominican Republic could do it all.

Guerrero moved on to the Anaheim Angels in 2003 where he would play the next six seasons, which included an AL MVP award in 2004. He finished his career with a season each in Texas and Baltimore.

This could be the end of an era, as Guerrero will likely be the last Montreal Expos player to get into the Hall of Fame (unless the Expos return to Montreal one day). A great case can be made for Larry Walker, but he doesn’t appear to have much support from voters.

Guerrero will be the seventh Expos player to get into the Hall of Fame, following Tim Raines, who was inducted last year. Only Raines, Gary Carter, and Andre Dawson have been inducted as Expos, while the other three (Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Tony Perez) went into the Hall with another team’s ball cap.

Other 2018 inductees include Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman. They’ll be officially inducted in Cooperstown, New York July 27 to 30.

Here’s the results of the vote:

Name Votes Percentage
Chipper Jones 410 97.2
Vladimir Guerrero 392 92.9
Jim Thome 379 89.8
Trevor Hoffman 337 79.9
Edgar Martinez 297 70.4
Mike Mussina 268 63.5
Roger Clemens 242 57.3
Barry Bonds 238 56.4
Curt Schilling 216 51.2
Omar Vizquel 156 37
Larry Walker 144 34.1
Fred McGriff 98 23.2
Manny Ramirez 93 22
Jeff Kent 61 14.5
Gary Sheffield 47 11.1
Billy Wagner 47 11.1
Scott Rolen 43 10.2
Sammy Sosa 33 7.8
Andruw Jones 31 7.3
Jamie Moyer 10 2.4
Johann Santana 10 2.4
Johnny Damon 8 1.9
Hideki Matsui 4 0.9
Chris Carpenter 2 0.5
Kerry Wood 2 0.5
Livan Hernandez 1 0.2
Carlos Lee 1 0.2
Orlando Hudson 0 0
Aubrey Huff 0 0
Jason Isringhausen 0 0
Brad Lidge 0 0
Kevin Millwood 0 0
Carlos Zambrano 0 0
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