North America's first-ever zipline rollercoaster is coming to Canada

Jun 20 2022, 6:31 pm

It’s a question as old as time itself. What’s a better thrill: ziplining or roller coasters?

Starting in July, you won’t have to choose. You can do both at the same time.

Quebec’s Mont Sutton, about 120 kilometres south of Montreal, is inaugurating North America’s first-ever zipline-roller coaster hybrid.

After unveiling eastern Canada’s most inclined zipline last summer, Mont Sutton is going even bigger this time around with the wild new zipline roller coaster.

The 700-metre zipline will zig and zag through the mountains in heart of the “Forest of Wonders.” Zipping around trees, dropping down, and even spiralling up to 450 degrees, the unique ride will be “incomparable,” says the Mont Sutton website.

Riders’ speed will be amplified by the difference in elevation and the accelerations exerted by the centrifugal force. The zip coaster will also feature one drop that is five metres down and 12 metres long.

“Imagine sitting in a harness and travelling under the treetops for a rollercoaster-like experience while defying gravity,” says Mont Sutton.


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In a phone call with Mont Sutton, organizers say this will be the perfect activity for families (kids aged 10 and up) who love nature and a mix of thrills.

The hybrid ride will cost nearly $1 million when all is said and done, part of Mont Sutton’s $10 million investment it is making over the next six years to improve the mountain experience, both in summer and winter.

The zipline coaster premieres on July 24 and will be rideable every day (weather permitting) until October 16.

All participants must be at least 10 years old and weigh between 75 to 240 lbs and be at least 3’11”. Ā The price to tackle the wild zigzagging trip is $49 plus tax.

Happy zipping!

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