Canadian mom saves pet goose from bald eagle attack while breastfeeding (VIDEO)

May 21 2022, 6:46 pm

A mom in BC managed to save her pet goose from being snatched by a bald eagle — as she was in the middle of breastfeeding her child at her home in North Saanich, BC.

Caitlin Oakley tells Daily Hive she was breastfeeding her child inside her home when she heard her pet goose, Frankie, crying out for help.

When she went to see what was going on, she realized an eagle was trying to snatch the family’s pet goose.

She says Frankie usually comes to the front door making noise when she doesn’t like something.

@frankythegoose We have lost 3 chickens in the last week from what I was told was eagles which I believed hawks were preying on them but watch Frankie (our female goose) get taken. Mama bear mid breast feeding protecting her sweet Frankie. Officially living at a zoo 🦅 #nature #geese #eagle #eagleattack #yyj #victoriabc #eagles #mamabear #geeseofinstagram #eaglesofinstagram #canadasnature #naturechannel ♬ original sound – Mikey

Oakley says her husband was confused after she ran outside topless, clutching their baby. Luckily, no one was hurt and she says Frankie is doing great.

There is a ton of reaction on social media, praising Oakley for her actions.

One person on TikTok writes, “That’s what you call a Supermom,” while another says “not all heroes wear capes.”

Frankie has become a bit of a TikTok star — she has over 55,000 followers. And she’s adorable.

@frankythegoose Always getting into trouble #frankie #frankiethegoose #franky #goose #eagleattack #northsaanich ♬ original sound – Mikey

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