Last month was the most moist June in Vancouver history

Jul 11 2022, 6:06 pm

Last month was Vancouver’s moistest June in recorded history. It was also the wettest June when it came to total rainfall since 2012.

While July has been a pretty solid month for summer weather — some major heat is in store for Vancouverites this week — June was a mixed bag filled with lots of rain and humidity.

Mean humidity reached 81.48% last month, the most humid Vancouver June ever. The second most humid June was in 1980, when the mean humidity reached 80.20%.

Vancouver Weather Records shared the news via Twitter.

In simple terms, humidity is how much water vapour is present within the atmosphere. You might wonder if humidity leads to rain, but that’s not the case. It sort of works in reverse; rain impacts humidity.

Like you might remember from elementary school science when it rains, water evaporates into the air, becoming water vapour. In June, temperatures were steady between 18Ā°C to 22Ā°C, which helped spur evaporation, which in turn led to higher levels of humidity.

When it comes to rain last month, June saw 69.7mm of total rainfall, making it the 17th rainiest June on record. The title for rainiest June belongs to June 1981, when rainfall totals hit 135.8mm, almost doubling 2022 totals.

Wind was a different story entirely, as June 2022 recorded the fourth-highest mean wind since records began. Mean wind speeds reached 14.62 km/h in Vancouver last month.

July looks like a return to form for summer weather, with the next couple days forecast to be quite hot.

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