Modo offers flat monthly rate for exclusive use of vehicle during pandemic

May 6 2020, 6:32 pm

We’re living through a time of uncertainty, and everyone is facing struggles, whether personally or professionally. For those working on the frontline, at hospitals or grocery stores, getting around is perhaps not as easy right now with public transit operating at reduced capacity.

There is, however, an alternative that can help you get around the city. Member-owned community co-operative Modo has launched a temporary program to give locals who need to travel to the grocery store, to work, or deliver essential goods, an affordable and convenient way to do so, as well as help businesses that have had to adapt to a new reality.

Long-time small business, The Federal Store, is among them. In response to the pandemic, The Federal Store launched a delivery-by-donation program allowing people to order groceries online on a pay-what-you-can-afford model.

“We could not have pulled this program off without access to larger vehicles in the Modo fleet,” says owner Colette Griffiths. “It’s been such a success we’ve been able to hire on extra staff at a time when so many people have recently lost their jobs.”

Modo is a purpose-based business that has been operating in Vancouver and across BC for 23 years, most of which have been in good times. Selena McLachlan, Modo’s director of marketing and communications, says being a co-op focused on the community means being there for people, even during the bad times.

“Concern for Community is the seventh international co-op principle,” McLachlan tells Daily Hive. “We’re putting that into action here with our Essential Transportation Program. It’s our way of giving back during the crisis.”

Modo vehicles are now being offered with a temporary, flat monthly rate to help people with essential travel. This 30-day rate ($500-$550 depending on the vehicle model) includes exclusive use of a vehicle, gas, insurance, and free parking in permit, residential, and two-hour meter zones.

Constance Barnes, a long-time Modo member, shared in a post on Facebook that right now, her Modo van is her “lifeline” for the work she does in the Downtown Eastside. “I deliver masks, gloves, food, water, cleaning supplies and much more to the most vulnerable people in this province,” she explains.

Constance Barnes/Modo

In terms of protective measures during the COVID-19 crisis, Modo has increased the cleaning of its vehicles by 40% to ensure members and the community remain safe. High-touch areas in vehicles like door handles, steering wheels, gear shifts, and control buttons are also being sanitized to a much higher degree.

Modo’s Essential Transportation Program is available to Modo Plus members who are member-owners of the co-op. However, Monthly Members can upgrade to Modo Plus with a $500 redeemable share purchase, which is how co-ops generally raise their capital. Of course, new members are more than welcome to join.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Essential Transportation Program:

  • A clean Modo vehicle, exclusively for your use, for 30 days
  • A flat monthly rate, with 600 kilometres included (28¢ per kilometre thereafter):
    • Daily Drives at $500 per month
    • Large and Loadables (excluding trucks) at $550 per month
  • Gas, insurance, and 24/7 customer service
  • Roadside support for flat tires and dead batteries

With internationally-owned Zipcar pulling out of Vancouver on the heels of car2go, Modo is operating in accordance with its commitment to the community and its resilient member-owned co-operative business model.

If using Modo’s Essential Transportation Program could benefit you, call 604-685-1393, or email [email protected] with “ESSENTIAL TRANSPORTATION” in the subject line. Regular hourly and daily carshare rates are also available. If you’re new to Modo, reference the promo code HIVEETP to get $25 in driving credits.

This is an extraordinary program for extraordinary times, available only to Modo members temporarily amid the ongoing crisis.

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