Content Funding at Daily Hive

Everyday we work hard to create engaging content for our readers. Our goal is to keep you informed about all the exciting, interesting, and totally random things happening in your city.

As a business, we simply can’t produce everything for free. And it’s thanks to the support and financial help from advertisers that we’re able to continue to do what we do best.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible in this process. So, in the nature of transparency,  here’s a breakdown of the two different types of funded content we offer: “Supported By” and “Branded Content.”

Supported Content

Daily Hive’s “Supported Content” is editorial content that another brand wants to be associated with. We accept third-party funding for content that’s already being produced, or for new editorial projects.

When brands choose to partner with us on a Supported article, they’re given a selection of high-performing content series, event roundups, and listicles that align with their brand and target demographic. Once brands choose the editorial content they want to align with, those articles will be “Supported By” that brand, and will include their logo and a CTA at the top of the page.

A brand that is affiliated with Supported Content may recommend topics and ideas to include in the piece, however the Editorial team has full control over what gets produced and published. The Editorial team is not obligated to use the funder’s ideas or recommendations. The funder does not review a draft of the content or make edits to the piece before publication.

Supported Content is written and edited exclusively by Daily Hive’s network of writers and freelancers, and held to the same standards as any other editorial content on our site.

Branded Content

Daily Hive’s “Branded Content” is sponsored advertising that is paid for by an advertiser and produced by Daily Hive’s branded content studio, Hive Labs, which is comprised of writers and content creators, and is independent from the Editorial team.

Our Hive Labs team works with clients to make articles, videos, and social media posts that are educational, entertaining, and don’t waste our readers’ time.

After Branded Content is prepared by our team, it is sent to the advertiser to review before it’s published. The end goal is to create something everyone can be proud of while still giving our audience something worth clicking.

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