MLA urges BC to condemn rising anti-drag violence and threats

Apr 4 2023, 4:42 pm

As laws in the US pass to restrict drag performances and anti-drag movements continue to occur in BC, an MLA has tabled a motion in response at the BC Legislature

Vancouver MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert called on the provincial government to condemn violence and threats artists and performers in the drag community have been facing.

“We’ve seen people targeted in their communities across BC and indeed across North America,” he said. 

As an example of the recent anti-drag movements in the province, Herbert pointed to the protest against a Drag Queen Story Time at the Coquitlam Library earlier this year. 

“They read Itsy Bitsy Spider to children and a library. They read Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in a library … It seems so ridiculous that anyone would have a problem with that,” Herbert said.

“But I gotta say our neighbours just to the south of us seem to be having a great deal of problems with that. And we’re seeing it bleed across the border here, which is why we’ve got this motion here today.” 

No one vocally opposed his motion, Violence Against Drag Artists and Performers

“Because somebody has decided to express themselves, decided to show up in drag as a performer, they’ve been targeted. They’ve been told they can’t perform. They can’t be themselves,” he said.

Nikitha MartinsNikitha Martins

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